Trull Church

All Saints Church, Trull

The Parish Church of All Saints, is situated in the heart of the village, opposite the Trull Church of England VA Primary School.

It is thought that the original church dates back to the middle of the 13th Century. Evidently there was a Christian Community in Trendle (Trull) by the end of the 13th Century.

The base of the tower (the oldest part of the present church) dates from this period when the church consisted of chancel, nave and tower. The north aisle is of the 14th century and the south aisle a century later; but the north doorway was probably moved from the north wall of the 13th century nave.

After the former schoolhouse, cottages and stable had been pulled down, the Bishop, in 1887, consecrated the extended churchyard. The churchyard was further enlarged in 1904 and 1975.

In recent years much has been done to restore and beautify the Church and to meet the needs of the worshipping community. Today the Church stands as it has done through the centuries - a witness to the Christian faith and a centre of spiritual renewal and power for the people of Trull.

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